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EDPM administration
4. This script will prompt you for configuration information about the agent
settings. This is similar to the prompts on the Windows agent installation.
The Linux agent installation will ask for items such as web registration
(address, port number, and authentication), log file name, and language
selection for logs and command lines. Here is a screenshot to give you an
example of extracting and installing the EDPM Linux agent:
NOTE : In this example we used a directory on the desktop
of the Linux computer called software to install from.
5. When the installation is finished, a message will appear and the agent
daemon will be running on your Linux computer. A Linux daemon is
equivalent to a service in Windows. Your EDPM should be live on your
Linux computer now.
NOTE : There is an installation log for the EDPM agent
installer. The file name is Install.log and will be
located in: /usr/local/BUAgent/ . You can use this
file for troubleshooting if your EDPM agent fails.
EDPM administration
EVault for DPM has its own dashboard and console. Both the dashboard and console
are web-based. With the consoles being web-based they can be accessed from
anywhere on your internal network and if you open it up you can access them from
outside of the network as well. The dasboard is a central location to monitor the
status of your computers and applications that are protected by DPM and EVault.
This helps you see what is going on with your entire backup environment. From
within the dashboard you can launch either the DPM Administrator Console or the
EVault Console.
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