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EDPM administration
Protection Status Grid : This gives you an overview of the health of your
protection groups, status of the agents, computers, and recovery points.
It shows you the Protection Group Member , the type of data being
protected for example, if the data is SQL it will list SQL here or if it is a
UNC share it will list UNC files here, and it shows the Protection Status .
The protection status is much like what you are accustomed to seeing in the
DPM Administrator Console under the Protection tab. You will see errors,
information, and statuses. You can click on any protection members here to
see more information in the Details Pane .
Details Pane : This is pretty self-explanatory as it shows more information
about the selected protection set within the Protection Status Grid .
Menu Bar : This is on the right-hand side of the dashboard. This contains
links to open the DPM Administrator Console, the EDPM Console, a link
to turn Auto Refresh on or off so that your dashboard will auto refresh the
status of your protection sets, a link to the i365 support portal, the About
page to see what version of EDPM you are running, and the EVault Help .
EVault Console
EVault is a separate application from DPM so it has its own console. EVault is the
application that protects your non-Windows' workloads. From within the EVault
Console you can configure, monitor, and manage all of your protection and recovery
tasks. This console gives you management access to the protection of any server that
has the EDPM agent installed. This is the console you would typically find your
nonWindows' servers in such as Linux, and VMware. This console has a look and feel
much like the DPM Administrator Console so it will not take you long to get up to
speed and start using it.
The EVault Console is also a web-based interface so you could access this from any
web browser on the network by typing this URL into your browser:
Here is a screenshot of the console:
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