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EDPM administration
The EVault Console consists of multiple components to help you manage your
protection. These components are:
Views Pane : This pane gives you a summary of the protection status of your
systems and anything that may require your attention. It lists computers in
different categories that you can click on to just see the computers that it that
criterion. The categories are: Unconigured Computers , Computers with
Failures , Missed Protection Runs , Errors , Warnings , and with Deferred
Protection Runs.
Computers Pane : This pane is where you see the computers that you are
protecting. You can see the Computer Name , Agent Version , the OS that
is running on the computer, the protection status, its online or ofline
availability, and you can click on the logs icon next to the protected computer
to view logs about it. One thing you will notice in the Computers Pane is that
your computers that are protected have different icons depending on what
they are. Here is a list of all the types of icons and what they stand for:
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