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EDPM administration
In the Computers Pane you also have an Edit menu that allows you
to access:
° Agent Settings : This is where you would change advanced agent
settings such as retention and notification settings. More about these
settings can be found in the EDPM documentation.
° Vault Settings : This is where you can access the Vault Address,
Account, User Name, and Password if you need to change them or
add/remove additional vaults.
Configure Cluster Virtual Servers
° Propagate Agent Settings : EVault has a feature that lets you copy
settings from one EVault agent to another existing agent. This is
handy if you need similar agent settings across multiple servers. You
could propagate to speed up deployment of the agents. This is where
you can adjust these settings. More information about the agent
propagation process can be found in the EDPM documentation.
• The Remove button will remove a computer from EVault and will no longer
be protected.
Protection Sets : This is one of the more important areas in the console
because this is where you configure protection sets as well as vault
communications. Essentially you set up your backups and perform
recoveries here. We will cover setting up protection and performing a
recovery in the next section. That will cover the majority of what you will do
in this tab. You can learn more about this tab in the EDPM documentation.
Monitoring : This is where you can monitor the progress of protection, set
protection and recovery jobs.
Links : You will notice the following links:
° Change Credentials : This is where you can change the username and
password that the agents use to register with the console. We covered
this in the agent installation.
° Change Vault Profile : This is where you can change your vault
information or add more vaults.
° Support : This is a link to i365's support page.
° Logout : Clicking this link will log you out of the console.
Buttons : The following buttons are available:
° Information : This will show you what the version of your console is.
° Help : Clicking the help button will launch online help.
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