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Add a Protection Set
That covers the overview of the EDPM Dashboard and the EVault Console. Both
are useful tools for monitoring and managing your protection. You will find more
information about the consoles in the EDPM documentation that we were unable to
cover in this topic.
The Vault is a storage space/center in i365's data center. When you purchase the
EDPM appliance you will be given a group of settings from i365. These settings are:
• Vault Address
• Account
• User
• Password
These are the settings you use to connect from your appliance to the i365 cloud.
You should have been asked for these settings during the initial configuration
of EDPM. If you need to change these settings you can access them here, at your
EVault Console:
Toward the top of the console, click on Change Vault Profile . Here is where you can
change existing Vault profiles.
Adding a Protection Set
A Protection Set in EVault contains the settings of each set of data that you are
protecting. This includes items such as what the data is, when does it get backed up
and if it is encrypted or not. There are more to Protection Sets than that and we will
cover them and how to create and configure a protection set below:
1. Go to your EVault Console https://localhost/EVaultConsole .
2. In the computer's pane, select the computer that you want to create a
protection set for.
In the protection set pane, click the Add button and choose Protection Set .
The New Protection Set wizard will pop up.
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