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Chapter 10:
DPM PowerShell
In this chapter we are going to dive into PowerShell for DPM. You will learn a brief
history of PowerShell and the basics about it. We are not going to cover advanced
PowerShell or go too in-depth. We are going to cover how to utilize PowerShell to
perform functions and tasks for your DPM server. You will also get an overview
on Opalis and DPM. There are lots of resources online if you want to learn more
about PowerShell in general. Simply go to a search engine and search with
Learn PowerShell.
Here are the topics that will be covered in this chapter:
• PowerShell
° Background of command-line and scripting in Windows
° Basics of PowerShell
• DPM Management Shell
° Overview of DMS
° DMS cmdlets
° DPM tasks and functions from the shell
° DPM scripts
• Overview of Opalis
PowerShell is a command-line shell built on top of Microsoft's .Net framework and
C# scripting language. A shell is different from a command-line tool like cmd.exe in
that a shell is object-orientated. We are going to learn how PowerShell came about,
what it is used for and some basics about using it.
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