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Overview of DMS
Overview of DMS
Let's start by opening DMS. If you have the DMS icon on your desktop, double-click
on it to open it. The other way to open DMS is to click on the Start | All Programs |
Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010 | DPM Management Shell .
DMS will look and operate a little different than the standard PowerShell window
that comes with Windows. This is what the console looks like:
The DMS is different because it contains DPM-specific cmdlets that you could not
run from a standard PowerShell console. When you open the DMS console it defaults
to the DPM bin directory. The shell defaults to this directory because this is where
the cmdlets and scripts reside. This is the directory you will work out of. Under the
Welcome to the DPM Management Shell! you will see a list of cmdlets that you
can run and that will help you get started with the DMS console. Most of these are
self-explanatory but here is more information about each of them:
Get-Command : This will give you a full list of cmdlets available. It prints the
list on the screen.
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