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DPM scripts
Attach-ProductionServer.ps1 : This script is used to add a protected
server to DPM after you have installed the DPM agent on the protected
server manually. After running this script your protected server will be listed
in the DPM Administrator Console.
AutoProtectInstances.ps1 : If a SQL instance has auto-protection turned
on and is having errors, this script can be run as an attempt to automatically
repair the errors.
delete-shadowcopy.ps1 : This script is used to delete shadow copies
DpmCliInitScript.ps1 : This is a DPM initilization Script that can be used if
DMS has problems hanging while exiting.
Enable-ExchangeSCRProtection.ps1 : This script is used to enable
protection of an Exchange 2007 SCR server. SCR is a high availability feature
introduced in Exchange 2007, it stands for standby continuous replication.
SCR is beyond the scope of this topic.
Get-ExchangeSCRProtection.ps1 : This script will list what Exchange
servers are enabled protection for SCR protection on by your DPM server.
Disable-ExchangeSCRProtection.ps1 : This script is used to disable
protection on an Exchange 2007 SCR server.
Migrate-DataSource.ps1 : This is used to migrate protected computer
volumes in the event a disk is corrupt.
MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM.ps1 : This is used to migrate entire DPM
pruneshadowcopiesDpm2010.ps1 : This will look to see what recovery points
are out of retention range and remove them from the DPM storage pool.
Remove-ProductionServer.ps1 : Use this to manually remove a protected
computer from DPM.
Update-NonDomainServerInfo.ps1 : This script will allow you to update the
password of an agent on a non-domain computer that is being protected by
Update-ServerInfo.ps1 : This script is used to continue protection after
rebuilding a DPM server.
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