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Overview of Opalis
Operator Console : The Operator Console enables you to see which Policies
are currently running, view their real-time status, and start or stop them from
a browser console interface.
Policy Testing Console : The tool used by administrators to test Policies that
are developed in the Client before they are deployed.
Action Server : The engine that executes Policies. Action Servers have failover
mechanisms that ensure performance and stability.
Self-Monitoring : This service monitors for Policies that have not started and
sends an event if one is detected.
Management Server : The central manager of Clients, Action Servers, Policies,
the Policy Testing Console, and the Self-Monitoring functionality. The
Management Server deploys Opalis Integration Server Integration Packs to
Action Servers and Clients, deploys Policies to Action Servers, and acts as a
communication link between the Clients, the Action Servers, and the Datastore.
Deployment Manager : This tool enables you to view your entire Opalis
Integration Server infrastructure and deploy Action Servers, Clients,
Integration Packs, and Hotixes from one place.
Microsoft has created an integration pack for most of the system center products
including DPM that allows you to automate most of the tasks and jobs.
Imagine that you have a requirement to automate a daily restore for your production
database, so your development team can start testing on a fresh data-base on a daily
basis. With Opalis you can create a Policy (workflow) from three steps to accomplish
the task
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