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Not limited to a database recovery, you can automate the protection process of
your server deployment. With Opalis you can create a workflow that automatically
protects a server, without having to create and modify a protection group or to add
the server to the protection group, and so on.
That was an overview of Opalis and a couple of examples of how it can coordinate
with DPM to automate tasks. Opalis is a powerful addition to DPM as well as other
System Center products to help you automate your environment without being a
PowerShell expert.
Today PowerShell is an important part of many Microsoft products including Data
Protection Manager. We will see Microsoft continue to build future releases of DPM
around PowerShell like they have done with their other products. In this chapter you
were given a glimpse into the world of PowerShell and how it relates to DPM. We
covered the basics of PowerShell, the Data Protection Manager Shell, an overview of
Opalis as well as the cmdlets and capabilities of using PowerShell to perform DPM
tasks. In the next and final chapter we will look at troubleshooting DPM problems
and resources for DPM.
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