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Chapter 11:
Troubleshooting and
You have made it to the last chapter of this topic about Data Protection Manager. The
ultimate goal is for you to have a deeper understanding of DPM as a whole and to
arm you to begin administration of DPM.
In any network environment, problems will arise with many of the applications on
them. DPM 2010 is no exception to this. As an IT professional it is your responsibility
to tackle these problems as they come up in your network environment. In this
chapter we set out to cover basic DPM troubleshooting steps as well as common
problems you might run into.
When I started working with DPM 2007 there was virtually no documentation about
DPM apart from the Microsoft documentation. The resources on DPM 2007 were
also minimal at best. This proved to be difficult when implementing and during
the beginning stages of administering DPM 2007. Today there are more resources,
documentation, and blogs by IT professionals on DPM 2010. Microsoft has even
created a dedicated area of TechNet forums for DPM. Through this chapter you
should gain information on the best resources, documentation, and tools that are out
there to guide you along the DPM path.
Here are the topics that will be covered in this chapter:
• Troubleshooting DPM
° Overview of DPM troubleshooting
° Troubleshooting DPM installation issues
° Troubleshooting agent installation issues
° Troubleshooting protected server issues
° Troubleshooting DPM client issues
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