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Troubleshooting DPM
DPM has been installed, configured to protect your environment, things are running
smoothly, and then all of a sudden DPM crashes. As a DPM administrator you need
to know how to troubleshoot problems with DPM deployment. Let's start off with
basic DPM troubleshooting. This can be used as a guide when problems come up.
Overview of DPM troubleshooting
Whenever you run into an issue with DPM there is some general information you
should gather. Most of this information you will already know but I am going to
list all of it as this information should be the first step towards troubleshooting your
DPM issue:
• What is the build number of your DPM? To get this information open the
DPM Administrator Console and click the circled "i" next to the Management
• What operating system is your DPM server running on and is it
fully patched?
• Are there any other applications running on your DPM server? Remember
that DPM should be running on a dedicated server.
• Is your DPM patched?
• Document or track when the problem first started happening.
• Were there any changes made to DPM or to the protected computer before
the issues started?
• Is it only one protected data source having the issue or are there any other
protected data sources having the same issue?
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