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Troubleshooting DPM
• Are errors specific to a data type such as SharePoint, Exchange, and
Hyper-V? If the error occurs on one data type there might be a problem with
the specific application that is being protected.
• When the error occurs are there other services running such as antivirus or a
third-party backup used to back up DPM?
• Can the error be reproduced using specific steps?
Other general items to look at when troubleshooting DPM issues are:
• Check to make sure the following services are running:
° DPM Service
° DPM Access Manager Service
° DPM Agent Coordinator
° DPM Writer
° DPMLA (if you are using tape or tape library)
° Virtual Disk Service (VDS)
° Volume Shadow Copy (VSS)
To check these services go to the DPM server, open Administrative Tools ,
and then open Services . If the services are not running start them and
make sure they are set to Automatic under the Start-up type. This applies
to a DPM server running a local instance of SQL. If your DPM is running a
remote instance of SQL check the SQL services on the remote SQL server and
the DPM services on the local DPM server. All of these services should be set
to start up automatically.
• Check the VSS writer state on the protected computer that is giving you
issues. You can do this by running vssadmin list writers in a command
window with elevated privileges on the protected computer. You want the
state to be stable and to not have any errors listed. Here is an example of
what the results should look like:
Writer name: 'VSS Metadata Store Writer'
Writer Id: {75dfb225-e2e4-4d39-9ac9-ffaff65ddf06}
Writer Instance Id: {088e7a7d-09a8-4cc6-a609-ad90e75ddc93}
State: [1] Stable
Last error: No error
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