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Troubleshooting DPM installation issues
(Steps taken from:
aspx .)
• Check the DPM log files. These are located in: %systemdrive%\Program
Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\Temp and they end with .errlog and .Crash .
These can be opened with a text editor such as Notepad. These are the
columns of information you will see in the .errlog files:
ProcessId ThreadId Date Time ComponentCode
FileName(FileLine) This TaskId Level TraceMessage
The .Crash files do not have headings for the columns but they are in human
readable format.
Troubleshooting DPM installation issues
The DPM installation is pretty straightforward. We covered this in Chapter 3 .
In the majority of cases, DPM will install without any issues as long as the hardware
and software prerequisites are met. These prerequisites were also covered in Chapter
. You could also run into issues while installing DPM on a remote SQL instance. 3
Here are some of the common problems you may run into and what to do to get
past them:
DPM installation fails on local SQL
If SQL is installed on the current server already;
uninstall it and let SQL be installed with DPM
You cannot install to a remote
SQL instance because it is not
recognizing the name
Make sure you have the remote SQL instance name
in the correct format. It should be the servers name
and then the instance name like this: <SQLSERVERN
Error 810 or ID: 4315. The
trust relationship between this
workstation and the primary
domain failed
Make sure that your DPM server can communicate
with the domain controller. A good test is to ping
the domain controller from the DPM server
Error 812. Configuration of reports
If you have SharePoint Services and SQL Reporting
Services installed on the same application pool
in IIS you will see this error. In order for both
SQL Reporting Services and SharePoint to
run on the same server you will need to make
some configurations to SharePoint and IIS. The
configuration changes you need to make can be
found here:
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