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Troubleshooting agent installation issues
DPM is unable to configure the
Windows Server account because
the password you entered does not
meet the Group Policy requirements
Make sure that your password meets the Group
Policy password requirements
Setup cannot query the WMI service
Make sure the WMI services is enabled and started
on the DPM server
Troubleshooting agent installation issues
Installing agents seem to be problematic at first, until you fully understand the
process. For example, instead of trying to install the DPM agent on a server that
you know has a deeply secured firewall, it makes sense to just attach the agent and
manually install it on the protected server. The majority of issues I have seen with
DPM agents are caused by communications. It is important for the DPM server
and the protected client to be able to communicate. In my experience, running the
SetDPMServer command on the agent computer resolves lots of issues. You would
also want to check the firewall on the computer you need to protect. Make sure that
the firewall is configured properly. This should cut off communication issues to the
DPM server. Here are some of the common errors I have typically seen:
Error 300: The agent operation failed
because it could not communicate with the
specified server
This is typically resolved by making sure
the firewall is configured properly and that
the RPC Server service can be contacted.
Make sure DNS is functioning; your time
settings may be off on either the protected
computer or the DPM server; the Remote
Registry service is not running on the DPM
server, and the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
service is not running on the DPM server
Error 306: Agent installation failed because
the specified server already has a different
version of the protection agent installed
Uninstall any already installed DPM agents
from the protected computer. Remove
the agent from the DPM server then add
it again. Re-install the DPM agent on the
protected computer
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