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Troubleshooting DPM client issues
Troubleshooting DPM client issues
The best way to avoid major issues with client protection is to make sure that the
firewall is configured properly inside the network and over the WAN. Also your
clients communicate back to DPM via VPN when offsite so it is good practice to
make sure your VPN service is healthy. On the client computer make sure these
services are started:
° DPM Client Service
Here are a few other issues to watch out for:
Backups of client computers connected
to a corporate network through VPN
gives a status error on the client GUI
RPC server unavailable error. Or cannot
communicate with the DPM server.
Ensure the firewall is allowing DPM
traffic through. I have a blog on how to
allow traffic for DPM through ISA 2006
or TMG 2010: http://www.buchatech.
through-fisa-2006-tmg-2010/ . If you
have a different firewall, the ports still
need to be configured properly. Refer
to my blog for information on the ports
that need to be added.
The best and most comprehensive resources for troubleshooting DPM issues are
the DPM 2010 Troubleshooting Guide, the DPM error code list, and TechNet DPM
forums. The links for all of these will be in the next section. The TechNet DPM
forums is the best resource for troubleshooting because it will have issues that others
have run into and ixes for those issues.
DPM resources
When I started working with DPM 2007 there were little or no resources out there.
This has changed as there are more and more resources for Data Protection Manager
popping up all the time. Microsoft has even added dedicated forums to DPM
on TechNet, there are DPM MVPs now and more and more IT professionals are
blogging about DPM. Here is a compiled list of the DPM resources out there for you.
These are online so they are updated on a regular basis.
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