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° DPMslastatus is very useful because it can pull a report from
multiple DPM servers about their recovery point statuses. This can
help if you need to meet an SLA and need status reporting on more
than one DPM server. This tool can even be scheduled to e-mail the
reports to a DPM administrator or anyone else.
Here are some commercial tools that are add-ons to DPM. I have not used all of them
but wanted to include them in this topic for your reference:
BitWackr is a tool made by a company named Exar. BitWackr adds true
deduplication capability to DPM. It can reduce data stored by DPM up to
90% by combining deduplication with compression. BitWackr uses hardware
acceleration for the deduplication process with zero impact on the processor
of your DPM server. BitWackr also adds encryption to your DPM backups.
You can learn more about this product here:
There are products from BridgeSTOR available that use the BitWacker
technology, find them here:
Quest Management Xtensions (QMX) is a tool made by Quest Software that
enables your DPM to protect heterogeneous environments reaching into
nonWindows' platforms. QMX can protect the following:
° CiscoRouters/Switches
° Debian Linux
° Fedora Linux
° RedHat Linux
° SuSe Linux
° Ubuntu Linux
° Solaris
There are two key points that set QMX apart from the other products and
that extends DPM into non-Windows environments:
° The first is that QMX is software that you can place on your existing
DPM server without the need to buy additional hardware
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