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° The second is that QMX allows DPM to reach into your Cisco
networking equipment. As an administrator you know how critical
your Cisco configuration data is. It makes for a very bad day if one
of your critical Cisco routers/switches goes down and you lose the
protocols, objects, rules, filters, ACLs, and so on. This software lets
the administrator be sure that all of this critical configuration data is
easily accessible to recover in the event of a catastrophe.
You can learn more about this product here:
EVault for DPM (EDPM) is a tool made by i365 a Seagate company.
EDPM is an appliance that enables your DPM to protect heterogeneous
environments reaching into non-Windows' platforms. EDPM can also send
your protected data to the i365 cloud. We covered EDPM more in-depth in
Chapter 10 . EDPM can protect the following:
° Linux (Red Hat and SUSE)
° VMware®
° Sun Solaris
° IBM i (formerly OS/400)
° Novell NetWare
° Oracle databases
You can learn more about this product here:
CloudRecovery is an off-site cloud solution by Iron Mountain. It allows
administrators to automatically send their data to Iron Mountain's secure
cloud for short- and long-term storage. We covered this product in greater
detail back in Chapter 10 . You can learn more about this product here:
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