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dBeamer!DPM is a tool for DPM that is made by a company called Instavia
Software. They specialize in instant data delivery software. dBeamer!DPM
allows DPM administrators instant access to DPM data while it is restoring
or even if the DPM service is ofline. It also allows the data to be modified
and used while the data is still being recovered. For example, a database can
be attached live on a SQL instance and the service is instantly restored while
the data is still being recovered. You can download a demo of this tool her e: php
Firestreamer is a virtual tape library. It is made by a company named
Cristalink. This software enables you to use non-tape storage such as disk
drives as tapes with DPM. This is helpful when you need to use some of
the tape features in DPM but you do not have a tape library. We covered
Firestreamer in Chapter 4 . A demo of Firestreamer can be downloaded here:
As you can see there are a lot of resources and tools out there for DPM. It is a good
thing most of them are free. In the future DPM will continue to grow to become an
even bigger and better data protection product as it has already progressed nicely
from version 2006, and 2007 up to a more stable product in the 2010 version. I am
very excited about the upcoming DPM version 2012. I believe this release will be
feature-packed and have many improvements over version 2010. In this chapter we
talked about some troubleshooting procedures in DPM and looked at the many DPM
resources that are out there.
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