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Why back up?
Why back up?
Backups and Disaster Recovery (DR) are critical to a business's survival. Yet backups
and DR are often undervalued or simply done wrong, time and time again. Often,
senior management do not understand the severity of having a solid backup/DR
system and plan in place in the event of hardware failure or catastrophe. Often,
senior management will want to know why backup is needed or why it costs' so
much. It is up to you as an IT professional to help them understand why. We will
explore the different aspects of backup DR planning and what goes into it. You will
then be armed and ready to fight for a backup and DR system in your environment.
Getting your backup and DR recovery set up the right way is not rocket science it
just takes some forethought and planning. When designing your backup strategy,
go into it with the mindset of experiencing the worst possible scenarios. Imagine
your business was located in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina hit, or you
arrive at work to find out the domain controller has completely failed, or this could
be Exchange or the phone server or the accounting server. What would you do?
Imagine losing all e-mails, user accounts, financial data, and phone records. This
would make for the start of a very bad day.
When dealing with computers always remember that if it can fail someday, it will.
That is something you can count on. You can do everything right in regards to
maintenance of hardware but remember that hardware will fail. The time when
your server hardware does fail is the time that counts. This is the time you will be
tested and tried, and for your sake you better have a solid backup and DR plan. First
and foremost, it is important to be able to get the data back and that it is good data,
second you should be able to do this in a short amount of time so that the business
can continue to operate. Now we will go into assessing your backup needs and
forming the strategy.
Assessing your backup needs
In this section you will discover what it takes to build a backup plan from the ground
up. We will cover this process step-by-step through several topics.
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