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Which media to use?
QuickBooks (Financial Data)
You will need to back this up for sure. You may
even be required to archive some of this data such
as tax information.
Databases (SQL)
Many applications run databases on the backend.
Some of these include SharePoint, CRM, and Office
Communication Server. Even DPM has its own
database that lives on SQL. These are important, be
sure to back them up.
Servers (Operating Systems,
System State)
In case you don't know what System State is; this is
critical system related components on a computer.
You will want to back this up. System State contains
the Registry, COM+ Database, Certificate Services,
Active Directory, SysVol, and IIS Metabase. Not
all servers contain the Active Directory, Certificate
Services, or IIS Metabase. What is in system state
depends on the server role. You can find more
details about system state online.
The other reason to back up may not be for restoration purposes but for retention
and archiving. Some industries have compliance needs and will require certain types
of data to be retained for a period of time. You may backup data to tape and archive
it indefinitely. Such types of data may include HR data, financial records, e-mail, and
legal documentation. You can archive to different types of media but often tape is
the media of choice for this. Next we will explore the different media types you can
chose for your backup and the pros and cons of each.
Which media to use?
Depending on what your environment needs are you will need to choose the right
type of backup media to use. Several factors will determine this and also what will
work best for you. You will need to match the capacity of the backup media to the
amount of storage your data will need. This is important because backups can take
up a lot of space. Some of the most common backup media types are covered in the
following table. Remember you can combine multiple media types with DPM to get
the right solution.
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