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Capacity planning
Capacity planning
Something you need to be concerned with is the amount of storage space your
backups will use. Once you know the capacity you need you will be able to better
plan your DPM configuration. You also need to know if you need to archive this data
as well. If you have large amounts of data and you only have a need for short-term
backups then disks are the way to go but if you need to archive, tapes would be more
ideal than disks.
Backup and restore time
Now when it comes to backups you need to think about the amount of time it takes
to back up and how quickly you can restore data. If someone loses data they will
want it restored in a timely fashion. If you have your backups on disk this should be
relatively fast to restore data. Now if you have the data on tapes it could take a long
time to restore because tapes typically require multiple steps before you can even
restore. They need to be mounted, then they need to catalog, then they take time to
actually read from the tape to restore. Something else to consider here is when your
backups will run. When your backups will run is really determined by the amount
of data you back up and the type of backup you perform. Traditionally with backups
there are three types of backups you can perform, these are:
Full : This is a complete backup of all the data
Incremental : This backup type contains only files that have changed since
the most recent backup being full or incremental
Differential : This backup type is cumulative of all changes made since the
last full backup
Full is the slowest backup type because it is getting all data within the backup.
Differential will be quicker than Full because it only gets the files that have changed
since the last full backup. Incremental takes longer to restore because you need the
latest full backup and all incremental backups after the last full. When backing up,
Incremental would also be fast as only data that has changed is backed up.
Backup times and speeds are improved with DPM because with DPM backups you
perform an Express Full back up the first time and afterwards you only move the
block-level changes.
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