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Disaster Recovery
The documentation is a no brainer. There are two things you should document, one
is your backup plan before you set up your backup system and second the backup
configuration itself should be documented. The backup configuration should consist
of things such as what databases are being backed up, what file shares, server
system states, and more. It is important to have both of these things documented for
yourself in the future and for new members of your IT team. If your backup system
itself completely fails you can use this documentation to recreate the backup system.
It will also help you know how things are configured and what is and what is not
being backed up so you can plan for growth and troubleshooting if a problem arises.
You also need some policies and processes on how things should go. Some of these
processes should describe who is responsible for back ups, how and when test
restores should be performed. This also defines your data retention polices.
Disaster Recovery
We will not go into a lot of detail regarding Disaster Recovery (DR). We will just
cover what Disaster Recovery is because backup is a part of DR. DR is processes
and procedures of what you would do in the event of a failure or catastrophe. This
includes but extends beyond backup. This covers things such as what you will do if
hardware in your infrastructure were to fail, what you would do if certain services
fail like DNS, firewalls, email service, database services and more. Backup is a
part of it because this is what will contain the data and the configuration data but
you will need documentation of settings, hardware replacement plans, clustering
and procedures to restore services quickly. These are things you need to consider
alongside your backup plan so you can mitigate in the event one occurs.
Planning DPM deployment
In this section we will explore the DPM deployment process. This is broken down in
multiple sections to give you an in depth look into each one.
DPM backup and recovery goals
In this sub-section we will look at the different areas in your DPM deployment that
need to be planned in order for DPM to it your specific backup and recovery goals.
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