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Capacity planning
Capacity planning
DPM capacity requirements depend on the size of the protected data, retention
range, recovery point size, and expected future data growth. The retention range is
the number of days that recovery points are stored for your protected data. Microsoft
recommends making your DPM storage pools two to three times the size of the
protected data. This recommendation is based on a retention range of ten working
days excluding weekends. A retention range of ten working days would give you a
recovery range of two weeks in the event of data loss. The longer the retention range
you choose, the lower the amount of possible recovery points you have.
With a retention range of eight days you would be able to have eight recovery points
each day. If you chose a retention range of ten days you could have six recovery
points per day.
NOTE : This only pertains to file backups as there is a VSS
limit of 64 recovery points. For application protection,
there are 512 recovery points available.
No matter what you chose for your initial storage size you want to use a solution
that is easily scalable in the event you need to add more storage.
Other considerations
Remember to plan for integrity of backups and restore testing, data privacy, policies
and processes when planning your DPM deployment. Use the previous information
to assist in planning these as these topics are more general then specific to DPM.
DPM server configuration
In this sub-section we will look at the different DPM configuration options.
How many DPM servers?
You may be wondering how many DPM servers you need in your environment.
There really is no secret to the amount of DPM servers you will need. The beauty of
DPM is that a single DPM server will cover the needs of most small businesses. Of
course if you are in an enterprise shop you may need more than one DPM server for
your needs. When deciding how many DPM servers you will implement, you will
need to consider the following things:
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