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Location of DPM servers
• Firstly, how much can a single DPM server handle? DPM can protect up to
80 TB of data, 100 servers, 1000 clients, and 2000 SQL databases.
• The next thing to look at is whether you will be backing up across a forest
with multiple domains and with no trust relationship; you will then need a
DPM server placed in each domain. DPM 2010 can also protect computers
in untrusted domains using NTLM authentication and data can be further
secured with the use of IPSec. Will you be backing up remote locations in one
domain that is across a WAN? If so, you may want the DPM servers at your
remote location.
• You also want to consider the performance of each DPM based on what you
plan to back up. If you are backing up 150 data sources across 50 servers and
75 clients you will want 10 TB of space on a local disk. If you are protecting
the same amount of data, servers, and clients with multiple DPM servers you
would only need about 6 TB of space on a local disk across DPM servers. As
you can see, the more DPM servers you deploy the lower the requirements of
resources you will need on each DPM server.
DPM has a snapshot limit per server and this applies regardless of the storage pool
size. A single DPM server can only store up to 9,000 disk-based snapshots. This
includes snapshots that you chose to retain even after stopping the protection of
a server, client, or data source. If you know that you will need to retain more than
9,000 snapshots then you will want to implement another DPM server. These are the
things you should consider when planning how many DPM servers you will need.
Location of DPM servers
DPM must be deployed in a Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 Active Directory
services domain. This is a requirement for DPM to function properly and there is no
way around this. It is recommended that you deploy it in a Windows 2008 Active
Directory services domain. DPM can back up in a forest. The forest must have a
twoway trust relationship between domains setup in order for DPM to work across it.
This must be in Windows 2008 server forest mode. DPM can back up across domains
in a forest without a trust relationship if you utilize NTLM authentication between
DPM and the protected server.
The last thing to consider when locating your DPM server(s), is bandwidth between
itself and the clients that it will protect. The minimum network bandwidth DPM can
operate on over a WAN is 512 Kbps.
You should not have to worry about bandwidth between the DPM and the protected
clients in the same location, as DPM can operate on most LANs nowadays because
they are fast enough to handle the traffic.
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