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Antivirus on DPM server
• To install DPM you need an administrator account on the DPM server
• To enable end-user recovery on the DPM server, you need an administrator
account on the DPM server
• To access the DPM Administrator Console, you need to be an administrator
on the DPM server
• To install DPM Recovery Point client software on a client computer, you
need an administrator account on the client computer
• To recover SharePoint data, you need to be a SharePoint farm administrator
and this same account needs to be an administrator account on the front-end
server that the DPM protection agent is on
• To access previous versions of protected data from a client, you need a user
account with access to the protected share
Before you install DPM you need to add its server to your Active Directory domain.
When enabling end-user recovery in DPM, several tasks need to be done in your
Active Directory domain. These tasks include:
• Extending Active Directory Domain Services schema to enable
end-user recovery
• Create a container and grant permission to it in Active Directory for
end-user recovery
For these you will need a domain administrator account and schema administrator
privileges in the domain. End-user recovery is covered in greater detail in Chapter 6 .
Antivirus on DPM server
DPM will work just fine with most antivirus solutions but there are some issues to
look out for. The last thing you want is for your antivirus to affect your DPM server's
performance. You need to watch how you handle real-time virus monitoring and
infected files. Disable real-time monitoring of DPMs DPMRA.exe process. Also disable
real-time scanning of the csc.exe process. The DPMRA.exe process is located in
Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\bin . The csc.exe process is located in
Windows\\Framework\v2.0.50727 . If you do not disable monitoring
of the DPMRA.exe process then DPMRA.exe will eventually slow down your DPM
server because the antivirus will scan all the files whenever DPM adds changes to its
replicas. If the csc.exe process is scanned by the real-time scanner, the DPM admin
console could potentially slow down. The csc.exe process is the C# complier and
emits files when generating XML messages. If these files are scanned you will end up
taking a performance hit.
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