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Firewall ports
Replicas and recovery points can easily be corrupted by antivirus software. If your
antivirus software is set to clean or quarantine infected files this can corrupt the
replica and recovery point data. Cleaning and quarantining causes the antivirus to
modify files with changes that DPM cannot detect.
When DPM synchronizes replica data and this data has been changed by something
other than DPM, the data will get corrupted. This may corrupt the recovery points as
well as render recovery of this data impossible.
There is a simple solution to this problem. Set up your antivirus software to delete
infected files instead of cleaning and quarantining them. There is one problem
that the antivirus deleting infected files can cause. It causes replicas to become
inconsistent. You will have to either manually run a consistency check to ix this or
DPM 2010 can be configured to autorun a consistency check if a data source becomes
Firewall ports
Protecting computers behind a firewall with DPM is a topic in many forums. To
protect irewalled servers or clients you need to open up ports for communication
between the DPM server, domain controllers on your network, and the protected
You will want to make sure the Windows 2008 server firewall on the server that
you are going to install DPM on is configured for DPM traffic. If the firewall is
enabled during the DPM installation the setup will correctly configure the firewall
for communication between DPM and the protected clients. If the server's firewall is
not enabled during the set up you will need to manually configure the firewall after
installation. The following is a chart of firewall ports used by DPM:
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