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Upgrade process
8. If you are using a local dedicated SQL instance, don't worry, the DPM
upgrade process will install SQL 2008 and place the new database here. If
you are using a remote SQL instance on SQL 2005 it is recommended that
you do a fresh install of SQL 2008. This can be SQL Standard or Enterprise
editions. You will then point the DPM 2010 upgrade installation to this
remote SQL instance.
Upgrade process
Now, let's get into the upgrade process itself. This will be a step by step guide to
completing the installation. The upgrade installation is somewhat similar to the DPM
2010 installation. You will need to complete the following steps:
Launch the DPM 2010 installer.
Click on Install Data Protection Manager :
Accept the licensing terms and click OK. DPM will copy the setup files just
like the regular installation does:
The Welcome screen reminds you that all protection jobs need to be stopped
during the upgrade process. You also need to update the DPM agents right
after the upgrade on your protected servers.
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