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Required configurations
Required configurations
First of all, we will cover the required DPM configuration tasks. Remember these are
required for DPM to function. The following topics are guides on how to set up these
Adding disks to the storage pool
You cannot start protecting any data without a disk to store the backup data on. The
first step that should be taken is configuring a disk(s) in your storage pool in DPM.
Once you do this you can begin protecting servers and clients. There are a couple of
things you need to do to your disk(s) before DPM will allow you to add them to a
storage pool.
The disk(s) cannot be formatted or have a drive letter. Basically you should not be
able to see the disk in Windows Explorer like other disks. The disk(s) need to remain
unformatted. The following screenshot is an example of what your disk(s) should
look like in Windows Disk Management.
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