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Configuring tape libraries
7. Click OK. Now you will be able to see the disk you added is a part of your
storage pool:
Configuring tape libraries
DPM was designed primarily to be a disk-to-disk data protection solution with
backing up to tape as an alternative option. The functionality is in DPM to back
up directly to tape or back up to disk first, then to tape. DPM can back up to a
stand-alone tape unit or a tape library.
The stand-alone tape unit or tape library you will use must be attached to your DPM
server. The library can be attached via a SAN (fiber) or direct SCSI. In this topic we
will use a stand-alone tape unit. This stand-alone tape unit is actually an external
USB drive. We will learn how to use an external USB drive with DPM through a
software called Firestreamer . To install Firestreamer on your DPM server follow
these steps:
Download Firestreamer from the foll owing site: ownload.aspx
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