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The WSS Writer service
The WSS Writer service
Configuring the WSS Writer is only required if you have a SharePoint deployment
in your environment that you need to protect. Technically this configuration task is
optional as you don't need it if you are not using SharePoint, however Microsoft lists
it as a required task hence the reason this is listed in this topic under required tasks.
Before you can protect SharePoint farms in your environment you have to start and
configure the WSS Writer service. We will cover backing up SharePoint in Chapter 7
and you will learn how to configure the WSS Writer service at that point.
Optional configurations
Now let's talk about the optional DPM configuration tasks. Remember these are not
required for DPM to function but many of them you will find useful for your specific
needs. The following are guides on how to set up these configurations.
Auto Discovery
In DPM there is a function called Auto Discovery . Auto Discovery searches for
computer additions and removals in Active Directory so a list of computers to which
a DPM agent can be installed may be produced. Auto Discover does not auto install
or remove agents, it simply compiles a list of computers that a DPM administrator
can install an agent on. DPM communicates with the nearest domain controller
through active directory LDAP queries. DPM will send a small request to Active
Directory and it will respond with an update on what computers have been added
and removed. These queries are small and will not hurt the network bandwidth.
This process is limited to the domain that DPM is joined to so you cannot auto
discover computers across forests. By default DPM will run this process at 1 a.m.
every day. We will learn how to change this time. The next time you open the
DPM Protection Agent Installation wizard or go to create a new protection group
for clients, DPM will list new computers that it has discovered and will not show
computers that have been removed.
Changing the Auto Discovery time
You may want to change the default Auto Discovery time to a time that works better
for you in your environment. Here are the steps on how to do this:
Open the DPM Administrator Console.
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