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Setting up an SMTP server
NOTE : In the image you can set different throttling settings based on the
days and the time of day. They are split into work days and non-work
days. They are also split between working hours and non-working hours.
This is good because you can cut back on the bandwidth DPM is allowed
during business hours and days when there is heavy bandwidth use, and
give DPM more bandwidth during off-peak days and hours.
Set the amount of bandwidth you want to allow for DPM use and then
click OK.
Setting up an SMTP server
This is not really about setting up an SMTP server. Microsoft refers to it that way in
all the DPM documentation out there. What you really do in this section is learn how
to configure DPM to use an existing SMTP server to send out e-mail for things like
notifications and alerts. Typically this SMTP server will be an Exchange server or
another type of e-mail server in your environment.
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