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WIN 38
Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
To Display the Contents of a Folder
Clicking an icon in the Folders pane displays the contents of the drive or folder in the right pane, expands the
hierarchy in the Folders pane, and displays the path in the Address Path text box. The following step displays the
contents of the 1st Semester folder.
Click the 1st Semester
icon in the Folders
pane to display the
contents of the
1st Semester folder
(Figure 1–57).
1st Semester
path to 1st
Semester folder
minus sign
indicates 1st
Semester folder
is expanded
1st Semester
folder is
contents of 1st
Semester folder
expansion of
1st Semester
1st Semester
four objects
in folder
Other Ways
1. Right-click 1st Semester
icon, click Explore on
shortcut menu
Figure 1–57
About WordPad
WordPad was fi rst
included with the
Microsoft Windows 95
operating system. More
advanced than NotePad,
but not as complex
as Microsoft Word,
WordPad can format and
print text, but does not
have a spell checker or
Creating a Document and Folder Using WordPad
Previously, the Freshman folder was created in the UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive using Windows
Explorer. You also can create a folder anytime you save a fi le in a Windows application.
For example, you can use WordPad to create a document and then save the new document
in a folder. WordPad is a word processing program included with Windows XP that allows
you to create a limited variety of personal and business documents. The following section
illustrates how to start WordPad, type text into a WordPad document, save the document
in a new folder, and verify the document was saved in the folder.
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