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WIN 40
Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
To Type Text
After starting WordPad, you can enter the text in the Friday, April 11 WordPad document. To enter text in the
document, you type on the keyboard. The following steps show the process of entering the text of the Friday, April 11
WordPad document.
Type Friday, April 11 and then
press the ENTER key twice.
Save button
Type Finish - The Bike
Delivers Data Base and then
press the ENTER key.
Type Read - Next Project
and then press the ENTER key
(Figure 1–60).
text inserted
What if I make an error while typing?
You can press the BACKSPACE key
until you have deleted the text in
error and then retype the text correctly.
Figure 1–60
To Save a WordPad Document in a New Folder
After typing the text of a WordPad document, you can create a folder in which to save the document, and
then save the document in the created folder. The following steps save the Friday, April 11 document in a created
folder named Homework. The Homework folder is created within the Computer Class folder (see the hierarchy in
Figure 1–47 on page WIN 31).
Click the Save button on the Toolbar
to display the Save As dialog box
(Figure 1–61).
Save button
Why is the Document fi le name
selected in the File name text box?
The Document fi le name is selected
in the File name text box as the
default fi le name. You can change
the default fi le name by immediately
typing the new name.
Save As
dialog box
My Documents
entry in
Save in box
three folders are
displayed in
Save As dialog box
default document fi le
name can be changed
to a more suitable
document name
File name
text box
Figure 1–61
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