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File Management in Windows Explorer
WIN 47
To Display the Contents of a Folder
After copying a fi le, you might want to examine the folder or drive where the fi le was copied to ensure it was
copied properly. The following step displays the contents of the Homework folder.
Click the Homework icon in
the Folders pane to display the
contents of the Homework folder
(Figure 1–73).
window title
path to
Can I copy or move more than one
fi le at a time?
Yes. To copy or move multiple fi les,
select each fi le to be copied or moved
by clicking the fi le icon while holding
down the CTRL key. Then, right-drag
the selected fi les to the destination
folder using the same technique as
right-dragging a single fi le.
The Bike Delivers
fi le has been copied
to the Homework
Homework folder
is selected
button title
Word folder
Figure 1–73
To Rename a File
In some circumstances, you may want to rename a fi le or a folder. This could occur when you want to distinguish
a fi le in one folder or drive from a copy, or if you decide you need a better name to identify a fi le. The Word folder in
Figure 1–74 contains the three Word documents (Barn and Silo, Fall Harvest, and Lake at Sunset) required to perform
the lab assignments in the Word section of this topic. In this case, you decide to change the Fall Harvest name to Great
Fall Harvest. The following steps change the name of the Fall Harvest fi le in the Word folder to Great Fall Harvest.
Click the Word folder in the left
pane to display the Barn and Silo,
Fall Harvest, and Lake at Sunset
fi les in the right pane.
window title
path in
Address box
Right-click the Fall Harvest icon in
the right pane to select the Fall
Harvest icon and display a shortcut
menu (Figure 1–74).
shortcut menu
displays options
for working
with the fi le
Word folder
is selected
button title
Figure 1–74
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