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Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
Click Rename on the shortcut menu
to select the fi le name for renaming.
Type Great Fall Harvest
and then press the ENTER key
(Figure 1–75).
Are there any risks to renaming fi les
that are located on the hard disk?
If you inadvertently rename a fi le
that is associated with certain
programs, the programs may not
be able to fi nd the fi le and,
therefore, may not execute
properly. Always use caution
when renaming fi les.
fi le renamed from
Fall Harvest to
Great Fall Harvest
Lake at
Sunset fi le
Figure 1–75
Other Ways
3. Select icon, on File menu
click Rename, type name,
press ENTER
1. Right-click icon, press M, type
name, press ENTER
2. Select icon, press F2, type
name, press ENTER
4. Select icon, press ALT+F,
press M, type name, press
To Delete a File by Right-Clicking
A fi nal operation you may want to perform in Windows Explorer is to delete a fi le. Exercise extreme caution
when deleting a fi le or fi les. When you delete a fi le from a hard drive, the deleted fi le is stored in the Recycle Bin
where you can recover it until you empty the Recycle Bin. If you delete a fi le from removable media, the fi le is gone
permanently once you delete it. The following steps delete the Lake at Sunset fi le.
Right-click the Lake at Sunset icon
in the right pane to select the
icon and display a shortcut menu
(Figure 1–76).
Why are some of the items on my
shortcut menu different than the
ones shown in Figure 1–76?
Depending on the software
installed on your computer, the
shortcut commands can differ.
The Delete command always is
shortcut menu is
displayed when fi le
icon is right-clicked
Lake at Sunset
Figure 1–76
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