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Finding Files or Folders
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Finding Files or Folders
You know the location of fi les you use often and can locate the folder that contains them.
In some cases, however, you may know you have a certain fi le on the computer but you
have no idea in what folder it is located.
Search Companion allows you to search for fi les and folders by name, type, or
size. You can search for a fi le based on when you last worked on the fi le or search for
fi les containing specifi c text. You also can choose to search with the help of an animated
To Search for a File by Name
If you know the name or partial name of a fi le, you can use Search Companion to locate the fi le.
The following steps search for a fi le on the UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive.
Display the Start menu (Figure 1–80).
Figure 1–80
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