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Finding Files or Folders
WIN 53
Click the Look in box arrow in the
Search Companion pane to display
the list of locations in which to
search (Figure 1–83).
Look in box
Look in
box arrow
Look in list
displays list of
Local Hard Drives (C:)
entry selected
UDISK 2.0 (E:)
Figure 1–83
Click UDISK 2.0 (E:) in the Look in
list to close the Look in list and
select the UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive name
in the Look in box (Figure 1–84).
UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive
name selected
criteria for searching fi les
and folders include by
modifi cation data, fi le
size, and advanced options
which search system folders,
hidden fi les or folders, and
subfolders, and perform
case-sensitive searches
Figure 1–84
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