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WIN 54
Windows XP Chapter 1 Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP
Click the Search button to search
drive E: for the Great Fall Harvest fi le
(Figure 1–85).
What does the progress bar
While the search continues,
Windows momentarily displays a
message as well as the locations
being searched.
fi le path
After a search is complete, you
can open the found fi le by
double-clicking the fi le name
or fi le icon, or by right-clicking
the fi le icon and then clicking
Open on the shortcut menu
one fi le
Click the Close button on the
Search Results window title bar to
close the Search Results window.
Yes, fi nished
searching option
contents of
Search Companion
balloon changes
Other Ways
1. Open Windows
Explorer, click Search
button on Standard
Buttons toolbar, click All
fi les and folders, select
search criteria, click
Search button
2. Press F3 or WINDOWS+F,
select search criteria,
press ENTER
If search results are
unsatisfactory, you
can refi ne the search
using these options
Back button
Figure 1–85
Finding Files
Some would argue that
Search is the handiest
Windows XP tool. If
an application is not
represented on the Start
menu, many people
use Search to display
the icon in the Search
Results window, and then
double-click the icon to
start the program.
Any operation you can accomplish from My Computer or from Windows Explorer
can be performed on the fi les displayed in the right pane of the Search Results window. If
the fi le you are searching for is an executable program fi le, you can start the program by
double-clicking the fi le icon in the right pane of the Search Results window.
To Search for a File Using a Word or Phrase in the File
If you want to search for a fi le knowing only a word or phrase in the fi le, you can search by typing the word or
phrase in the ‘A word or phrase in the fi le’ text box in the Search Companion balloon. Assume you want to fi nd all fi les
containing the word, apply, on the UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive. The following steps search for all fi les containing the word, apply.
Display the Start menu.
Click the Search button on the Start
menu to display the Search Results
insertion point already
in the All or part of the
fi le name text box
If necessary, maximize the Search
Results window.
performs searches
based on a word
or phrase
Click ‘All fi les and folders’ in the
Search companion balloon to
begin a search (Figure 1–86).
Figure 1–86
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