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Finding Files or Folders
WIN 55
Click the ‘A word or phrase in
the fi le’ text box to prepare to
type text.
Type apply in the ‘A word or
phrase in the fi le’ text box.
term to
search for
Click the Look in box arrow to
display the Look in list.
UDISK 2.0 (E:)
entry selected
in Look in box
Click UDISK 2.0 (E:) in the Look in
list to designate UDISK 2.0 (E:) drive
as the drive to search (Figure 1–87).
Figure 1–87
Click the Search button in the
Search Companion balloon to
perform a search (Figure 1–88).
What if my results are different
from those shown in Figure 1–88?
If your results are different, you
may have mistyped the search term.
To determine if this is the case, click
the Back button, review your search
criteria, and if necessary, perform
the search again.
three fi les
are displayed
three fi les
Click the Close button on the Search
Results window title bar to close the
Search Results window.
Remove the USB fl ash drive from
the USB port.
Why does the computer make
a sound when I unplug the
USB fl ash drive?
Windows XP produces many
different sounds for various events.
When a device is unplugged, your
computer produces a sound to
alert that this has happened.
Figure 1–88
Other Ways
1. Open Windows Explorer,
click Search button on
Standard Buttons toolbar,
click All fi les and folders,
select search criteria, click
Search button
2. Press F3 or WINDOWS+F, select
search criteria, press ENTER
3. Press WINDOWS+F, press L,
select search criteria, press
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