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In Depth Information
Using Help and Support
WIN 57
Navigation toolbar lets
you navigate and save
Help topics, view saved
Help topics, get online
support, and customize
the Help viewer
Help and Support
Center window
containing Help viewer
Set search options
link allows you to set
criteria for searching
If necessary,
click the
button on the
Help and Support
Center title bar to
maximize the Help
and Support
Center window
(Figure 1–90).
table of
text box
What does the
Help and Support
Center contain?
The Help and Support
Center contains the
Help viewer which
includes the
Navigation toolbar,
Search text box, Set
search options link,
and a table of
four areas
helpful tips
Figure 1–90
Other Ways
1. Press F1
2. Press CTRL+ESC, press H
3. Press WINDOWS+F1
Table 1–3 shows the categories in the Help and Support Center table of contents.
Table 1–3 Help and Support Center Table of Contents
Drive and folder
Pick a Help topic area
Area contains fourteen Help topics arranged in four category groups. Clicking a category
displays a list of subcategories and Help topics related to the category.
Ask for assistance area
Area contains Remote Assistance task allowing an individual to connect and control a
computer while helping to solve a problem. The Windows XP newsgroups task obtains Help
from experts or discusses questions with other Windows XP users.
Pick a task area
The Windows Update task allows you to access a catalog of items that keep your computer
up-to-date. The Compatible Hardware and Software task allows you to search for hardware
and software compatible with Windows XP. The System Restore task stores the current state
of the computer and then restores it without losing information. The Tools task has eight
helpful tools to keep the computer running.
Did you know? area
Area is updated daily with helpful tips for using Windows XP.
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