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Chapter Summary
WIN 65
Chapter Summary
In this chapter you have learned about the Microsoft Windows XP graphical interface, hierarchical format, removable
media, and fl ash drives. You used Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, and WordPad. You also obtained help about
using Microsoft Windows XP. The following list includes all the new skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Log On to the Computer (WIN 7)
2. Display the Start Menu (WIN 8)
3. Add an Icon to the Desktop (WIN 11)
4. Open a Window by Double-Clicking a Desktop
Icon (WIN 12)
5. Minimize and Redisplay a Window WIN 14)
6. Maximize and Restore a Window (WIN 15)
7. Close a Window (WIN 16, WIN 20)
8. Open a Window Using the Start Menu
(WIN 16)
9. Move a Window by Dragging
24. Download a Hierarchy of Folders into the Freshman
Folder (WIN 35)
25. Expand a Drive (WIN 37)
26. Expand a Folder (WIN 37)
27. Display the Contents of a Folder
(WIN 38)
28. Start WordPad (WIN 39)
29. Type Text (WIN 40)
30. Save a WordPad Document in a New Folder
(WIN 40)
31. Verify the Contents of a Folder (WIN 45)
32. Copy a File in Windows Explorer by
RightDragging (WIN 46)
33. Display the Contents of a Folder
(WIN 17)
10. Expand an Area (WIN 18)
11. Scroll Using Scroll Arrows
(WIN 18)
(WIN 47)
12. Size a Window by Dragging
(WIN 19)
34. Rename a File (WIN 47)
35. Delete a File by Right-Clicking (WIN 48)
36. Close Expanded Folders (WIN 50)
37. Quit Windows Explorer (WIN 50)
38. Search for a File by Name (WIN 51)
39. Search for a File Using a Word or Phrase in the
File (WIN 54)
40. Start Help and Support (WIN 56)
41. Browse for Help Topics in the Table of
Contents (WIN 58)
42. Search for Help Topics Using the Index
(WIN 59)
43. Display the Related Topics Link (WIN 61)
44. Close the Help and Support Center
13. Collapse an Area (WIN 20)
14. Resize a Window (WIN 20)
15. Delete a Desktop Icon by Right-Dragging
(WIN 21)
16. Start an Application Using the Start Menu
(WIN 23)
17. Browse the Web by Entering a URL
(WIN 25)
18. Open a Link in a New Tab (WIN 27)
19. Switch Between Tabs (WIN 28)
20. Close a Tab (WIN 28)
21. Start Windows Explorer and Maximize Its
Window (WIN 29)
22. Plug a USB Flash Drive into a USB Port
(WIN 33)
23. Create a Folder on a Removable Drive
(WIN 61)
45. Log Off from the Computer
(WIN 62)
(WIN 34)
46. Turn Off the Computer
(WIN 64)
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assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
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