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The Word Window
The Word window consists of a variety of components to make your work more effi cient and
documents more professional. These include the document window, Ribbon, Mini toolbar
and shortcut menus, Quick Access Toolbar, and Offi ce Button. Some of these components
are common to other Microsoft Offi ce 2007 programs; others are unique to Word.
Document Window
You view a portion of a document on the screen through a document window
(Figure 1–4). The default (preset) view is Print Layout view , which shows the document
on a mock sheet of paper in the document window.
The Word document window in Figure 1–4 contains an insertion point, mouse
pointer, scroll bar, and status bar. Other elements that may appear in the document
window are discussed later in this and subsequent chapters.
Insertion Point The insertion point is a blinking vertical bar that indicates where text,
graphics, and other items will be inserted. As you type, the insertion point moves to the right,
and when you reach the end of a line, it moves downward to the beginning of the next line.
stored document
scroll box
scroll bar
mouse pointer
insertion point
print layout
is default
document view
adjusts size
of displayed
status bar
Figure 1–4
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