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Key Tips
If you prefer using the keyboard instead of the mouse, you can press the ALT key on
the keyboard to display a Key Tip badge , or keyboard code icon, for certain commands
(Figure 1–15). To select a command using the keyboard, press its displayed code letter, or
Key Tip . When you press a Key Tip, additional Key Tips related to the selected
command may appear. For example, to select the New command on the Offi ce Button menu,
press the ALT key, then press the F key, and then press the N key.
To remove the Key Tip badges from the screen, press the ALT key or the ESC key
until all Key Tip badges disappear, or click the mouse anywhere in the Word window.
Key Tip badges
appear when
you press ALT
key on keyboard
Figure 1–15
Entering Text
The fi rst step in creating a document is to enter its text by typing on the keyboard. By
default, Word positions text you type at the left margin. In a later section of this chapter,
you will learn how to format, or change the appearance of, the entered text.
Choose the words for the text.
The text in a fl yer is organized into three areas: headline, body copy, and signature line.
The headline is the fi rst line of text on the fl yer. It conveys the product or service being
offered, such as a car for sale or personal lessons, or the benefi t that will be gained, such
as a convenience, better performance, greater security, higher earnings, or more comfort.
The body text consists of all text between the headline and the signature line. This text
highlights the key points of the message in as few words as possible. It should be easy to
read and follow. While emphasizing the positive, the body text must be realistic, truthful,
and believable.
The signature line, which is the last line of text on the fl yer, contains contact information
or identifi es a call to action.
If text is too small for
you to read on the
screen, you can zoom the
document by dragging
the Zoom slider on the
status bar or clicking the
Zoom Out or Zoom In
buttons on the status bar.
Changing the zoom has
no effect on the printed
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