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To Wordwrap Text as You Type
The next step in creating the fl yer is to type the body copy. The following step wordwraps the text in the
body copy.
Type High-quality Western
and English riding
lessons, focusing on
safety and including
instruction on horse care,
saddling a horse, and
other aspects of
Why does my document wrap on
different words?
Differences in wordwrap relate to
the printer used by your
computer. That is, the printer controls
where wordwrap occurs for each
line in your document. Thus, it is
possible that the same document
could wordwrap differently if
printed on different printers.
fi rst sentence
of body copy
ENTER key not
pressed when right
margin reached
insertion point and
paragraph mark
moved to next line
because ENTER key
was pressed
the word, care,
could not fi t at end
of previous line,
so it wrapped to
beginning of this line
Press the ENTER key to position
the insertion point on the next
line in the document
(Figure 1–19).
Figure 1–19
To Insert a Blank Line
In the fl yer, the picture of the horse and rider should be positioned below the paragraph just entered. The
picture will be inserted after all text is entered and formatted. Thus, you will leave a blank line in the document
for the picture. To enter a blank line in a document, press the ENTER key without typing any text on the line. The
following step inserts one blank line below the fi rst paragraph of body copy.
Press the ENTER key to insert a blank
line in the document (Figure 1–20).
blank line
insertion point
Figure 1–20
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