Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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To Enter More Text
In the fl yer, the text yet to be entered includes the remainder of the body copy,
which will be formatted as a bulleted list, and the signature line. The following steps enter
the remainder of text in the fl yer.
Press the END key to move the insertion point to the end of the current line.
Type for children and adults and then press the ENTER key.
Type Indoor and outdoor arenas and then press the ENTER key.
Type $40 per hour for private lessons; $25 for group lessons and then
press the ENTER key.
To complete the text in the fl yer, type Call Tri-Valley Stables at 555-2030
today! (Figure 1–24).
three paragraphs of
body copy that will
be formatted as a
bulleted list entered
Character Widths
Many word processing
documents use variable
character fonts, where
some characters are
wider than others; for
example, the letter w
takes up more space than
the letter i.
signature line
Figure 1–24
Saving the Project
While you are creating a document, the computer stores it in memory. When you save a
document, the computer places it on a storage medium such as a USB fl ash drive, CD, or
hard disk. A saved document is referred to as a fi le . A fi le name is the name assigned to a
fi le when it is saved.
It is important to save a document frequently for the following reasons:
• The document in memory will be lost if the computer is turned off or you lose
electrical power while Word is open.
• If you run out of time before completing your project, you may fi nish your document
at a future time without starting over.
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