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Formatting Paragraphs and Characters
in a Document
With the text for the fl yer entered, the next step is to format its paragraphs and
characters. Paragraphs encompass the text from the fi rst character in a paragraph up to
and including a paragraph mark (¶). Paragraph formatting is the process of changing the
appearance of a paragraph. For example, you can center or indent a paragraph. Characters
include letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols. Character formatting is the
process of changing the way characters appear on the screen and in print. You use
character formatting to emphasize certain words and improve readability of a document.
For example, you can italicize or underline characters. Often, you apply both paragraph
and character formatting to the same text. For example, you may center a paragraph
(paragraph formatting) and bold some of the characters in a paragraph (character
Although you can format paragraphs and characters before you type, many Word
users enter text fi rst and then format the existing text. Figure 1–30a shows the fl yer in this
chapter before formatting its paragraphs and characters. Figure 1–30b shows the fl yer
after formatting. As you can see from the two fi gures, a document that is formatted is
easier to read and looks more professional. The following pages discuss how to format the
fl yer so that it looks like Figure 1–30b.
Unformatted Document
Formatted Document
Figure 1–30
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