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To Apply Styles
In the fl yer, you want the headline and the signature line to be emphasized more than the other text. Word
provides heading styles designed to emphasize this type of text. The fi rst step in formatting the fl yer is to apply
the Heading 1 style to the headline and the Heading 2 style to the signature line. The default Heading 1 style is a
14-point Cambria bold font. The default Heading 2 style is a 13-point Cambria bold font. The default theme color
scheme uses shades of blue for headings.
To apply a style to a paragraph, you fi rst position the insertion point in the paragraph and then apply the style.
The following steps apply heading styles to paragraphs.
Press CTRL + HOME (that
is, press and hold
down the CTRL key,
press the HOME key,
and then release both
keys) to position the
insertion point at the
top of the document
(Figure 1–31).
signifi es a
body text font
default font
size is 11
default font
is Calibri
default style
is Normal
text is 11-point
Calibri (Normal
insertion point is
current paragraph
Figure 1–31
Styles gallery
Point to Heading 1 in
the Styles gallery to
display a live preview
in the document of
the Heading 1 style
(Figure 1–32).
Normal style
remains selected
while you use
live preview
mouse pointer on
Heading 1 style
insertion point
temporarily while
you use live preview
current paragraph
changes to Heading 1
style, showing a live
preview of style
to which you are
pointing in gallery
What happens if I
move the mouse
If you move the mouse
pointer away from the
gallery, the text
containing the insertion
point returns to the
Normal style.
Figure 1–32
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