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To format multiple paragraphs or words, however, you fi rst must select the
paragraphs or words you want to format and then format the selection. If your screen
normally displays dark letters on a light background, which is the default setting in Word,
then selected text displays light letters on a dark background.
To Select a Line
The font size of characters in the Heading 1 style, 14 point, is too small for passersby to read in the headline
of the fl yer. To increase the font size of the characters in the headline, you must fi rst select the line of text containing
the headline. The following steps select a line.
Move the mouse pointer to the left
of the line to be selected (in this
case, the headline) until the mouse
pointer changes to a right-pointing
block arrow (Figure 1–37).
mouse pointer changes
to a right-pointing
block arrow when
positioned to the left
of a paragraph
Figure 1–37
While the mouse pointer is a
right-pointing block arrow, click
the mouse to select the entire line
to the right of the mouse pointer
(Figure 1–38).
transparent Mini
toolbar appears
whenever you
select text
line to be
is selected
Figure 1–38
Other Ways
1. Drag mouse
through line
2. With insertion point at
beginning of desired line,
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