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To Change the Font of Selected Text
As mentioned earlier, the default Heading 1 style uses the font called Cambria. Word, however, provides
many other fonts to add variety to your documents. To draw more attention to the headline, you change its font so
it differs from the font of other text in the fl yer. The following steps change the font from Cambria to Copperplate
Gothic Bold.
Font Size box
displays font
size of selected
text, which is 48
Home tab
Font box
With the text selected,
click the Font box
arrow on the Home
tab to display the Font
gallery (Figure 1–41).
fonts defi ned in
current theme
for headings
and body text
Will the fonts in my
Font gallery be the
same as those in
Figure 1–41?
Your list of
fonts may
depending on the
type of printer you
are using.
fonts recently used
appear here — your
list will differ
font size changed
to 48 and text
remains selected
list of all
fonts begins
list of available
fonts is displayed
in Font gallery
use scroll
arrow or scroll
bar to display
more fonts
Figure 1–41
Scroll through the Font gallery,
if necessary, and then point to
Copperplate Gothic Bold (or a similar
font) to display a live preview of the
headline in Copperplate Gothic Bold
font (Figure 1–42).
font of selected text
changes to Copperplate
Gothic Bold, showing a live
preview of font to which
you are pointing in gallery
mouse pointer
on Copperplate
Gothic Bold
selection on
text disappears
temporarily while
you use live preview
Point to various fonts in the Font
gallery and watch the font of the
headline change in the document
Click Copperplate Gothic Bold (or a
similar font) to change the font of
the selected text to Copperplate
Gothic Bold.
Figure 1–42
Other Ways
1. Click Font box arrow on Mini
toolbar, click desired font in
Font gallery
2. Right-click selected text, click
Font on shortcut menu, click
Font tab, select desired font
in Font list, click OK button
3. Click Font Dialog Box
Launcher, click Font tab,
select desired font in Font
list, click OK button
4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F, click
Font tab, select desired font
in the Font list, click OK
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